Winter Must Have: Teddy Bear Coats

Cold hands, chapped lips and the struggle of taking on and off layers are all aspects of winter we wish we could live without. However, there are several cold weather joys that make up for all of these endeavors and one of them is none other than the oh-so comfy and cute teddy bear coat.

Teddy bear coats have become a favorite among fashionistas for adding some warmth and flair to any outfit. From fleece and plush to faux fur, this coat not only comes in an array of fabrics, but in a multitude of colors as well!

Whether you prefer the classic brown teddy bear look or prefer something a little more unique like a soft pink or nude, one thing is for sure – staying warm this winter never looked chicer!

A personal favorite way to style this trend is going for a simple pair of jeans, a layered turtleneck or sweater and some boots or sneakers. While this outfit combination may seem pretty basic, it will ultimately allow the coat to be the star of your outfit.

For a bolder look, go for a full monochromatic outfit to make a statement or pair your teddy bear coat with some knee-high boots. At the end of the day, the best way to personalize this trend is to choose accessories you love and have fun with the styling.

If you don’t already own a teddy bear coat, purchasing one would not only be an investment in your wardrobe, but in your warmth as well! Many people believe in the misconception that winter fashion is boring, but the truth is, you should never have to sacrifice your style for warmth. The teddy bear coat is just one example of this, because not only is it great for styling into a fun winter outfit, but also for keeping you warm and bundled on chilly days. 

Valeria Ramos