3 Ways to Style a T-Shirt Dress

Comfortable and simple, t-shirt dresses are the perfect spring wardrobe staple for girls on the go. The look of a cute dress with the feeling of your favorite soft t-shirt makes for the perfect outfit you can wear from day to night, at almost any occasion. If you feel like you’re running out of ways to style your trusty t-shirt dress, look no further. Here are three fresh ways to style your look!


1.    Casual-Chic

Dress down your look with a casual denim jacket and your best pair of sneakers. This might seem like a no-brainer, but styling t-shirt dresses in a simple way will make the dress itself the star of the outfit. If you want to make your shoes stand out, try pairing some high-tops with cute socks for a fun touch. 


2.    Layer It Up

A cozy sweater layered over your dress will make your dress all the more comfortable, and even more-so if you add a pair of chic thigh-high boots. If a big sweater feels too heavy for your look, swap it out for a cardigan or a light sweater you can belt at the waist. 


3.    All Black 

Taking a black t-shirt dress and incorporating that color into the rest of your look will give your whole outfit an effortless, rocker vibe. A leather jacket, chic bag and the perfect shoes will complete your outfit and elevate your simple t-shirt dress in a whole new way!


What’s your favorite way to style this trend?

Valeria Ramos