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Pack Your Bag For ACL!

ACL Music Festival is upon us once again. Crazy to think how we get Spring Festival Season and Fall Festival Season, or is it that it just feels like Spring all year round? Luckily for you, we have experience in Texas' biggest music festival and we want to share our advice.


We want you to feel comfortable, but a true Jane must not lose her sense of style for such an instagrammable event. So let’s start off on the basics, the things that will make your experience a lot more easier and where you’ll be carrying them.


A backpack is definitely our accessory of choice for Weekend 2, while it’s easy to carry, you can still manage to keep it as a part of your #OOTD.


. Face Mist - We recommend Mario Badescu’s line, and they even have a travel size if you don’t want to make your backpack extra-heavy. (We know you don’t)

.Look, it’s sunny, it’s hot, it’s Texas. So your favorite fragrance mist or travel size perfume will be your best ally. If you’re really feeling like staying insta-ready, don’t forget to bring Dry Shampoo.

. Lips are moving. Singing along to your favorite artist so Chapstick Strawberry Flavored Lip Balm will keep you hydrated and they also add that pop of color without having to apply lipstick multiple times.

.Hand S A N I T I Z E R. Enough said.

and last but not least:

  • Portable battery

  • Water + Healthy Snacks!

  • And cash.


As for your style, keep it fresh and comfortable. The comfiest shoes you can find, and by this we hope you do not think right away of your last season pair of Adidas Superstar. Heavy accessorizing, denim on denim, flannel shirts and basic white t-shirts can complete an outfit when played right.


Check out our gallery for more outfit inspo. and share your own outfits with the hashtag #UjApproved to be featured on our page!