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Okay Janes, time to leave coconut tanning spray and frappe margaritas at your favorite beach or poolside. We are taking this upcoming Fall semester by the horns and we are finishing the year with a bang.

We know, this past month has been a b*tch, aside from the fact that August feels like the Sunday of Summer, we had to deal with a Moon Eclipse for the first time in 100 years, Mercury has been in retrograde for god knows how long and Harvey, like most men, has come to disrupt order in our picture perfect lives.

But we're not letting this get in the way of wearing a badass outfit from our first day of school, to our midterms. The easiest way to not disappoint mid-semester? Easy. Don't start off with an unrealistic version of your style.

Like in most entertainment shows, the best is always saved for last, we start off easy. Some light bb cream + lip gloss for your face, light UV-protection or even keeping it light with a makeup-free detox through weekdays. 

As for your #ootd? Put all of those off-the-shoulders in a box and bury it deep in the confines of your closet, you won't be needing those anytime soon. Instead, go for quality t-shirts with some details on the collar or with a statement pocket. Pair with a statement denim jacket to complete the look.

Your boyfriend jeans are your new lover. And your skinnies are the ex you can't get rid of. These babes are now a must-have of your everyday wear and should be worn casually. Let's not pretend that we want to be in a Mini running across campus, even though plaid might be making a comeback, let's leave that to Cher Horowitz and her completely unrealistic school fashion closet. 

Any other heel than a classy kitten heel should be left at home deeply buried alongside your off-the-shoulder tops. Instead, opt for a trendy sneaker that will not only help you not be late to class but give you that too cool for school look. (if you think Adidas superstar is a trendy sneaker then you can just stay barefoot).

Now, remember Janes, as much as we enjoy giving you fashion advice, having a nice outfit can only get you so far. Remember to stay focused on what's important, drink plenty of water and do not procrastinate. Okay, maybe that last one was a bit too far. 

Have a great back to school week, Janes!