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Or possibly not. One of the trends we see taking the street-style fashion world by storm and slowly but surely positioning itself as a major must-have for F/W 2017: a small beret or a newsboy cap. In all shapes and sizes. 

We as consumers are used to follow into the top-models/influencers style, from anyone like the iconic Kate Moss to Bella Hadid have been known for rocking this style. And we understand why they would. We usually call it a bad hair day and wear a head accessory to feel more confident with having our hair undone. The thing is, once we wear a head-piece that is not meant to be functional, but completes our outfit, we must adorn our hair to match the hat-style (messy hair don't care!)

In the following photos, there is a portrait of Kate Moss in London taken by Kate Garner, in which with a very cute and chic gaze she makes this hat our late 2017 obsession. Bella hadid was also seen numerous times wearing her favorite head-piece, and of course it had to be from her collection with Chrome Hearts. 

The hats we love? Faux Leather, Wool blends and everything except twill (at least not for the summer). You can decide to splurge by investing in a Saint Laurent Sailor Hat  ($595) or keep it pocket-friendly with this ASOS Wool Mix Baker Boy Cap ($29). Our tip? Try the men's or kids sections for cooler finds! 

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