The Sport-Luxe Trousers

Many styles have caught our eyes when talking street-style. However, there is one that could definitely not be missed by many major fashion publications and eventually making its way down into mainstream fashion retailers. This may be the first trend that has not been caught by high-end fashion houses.

It was all started in late September 2016 (Paris Fashion Week!) when the infamous Kim Kardashian West arrived to the Givenchy Fashion Show in a low-cut sheer lace corset with a pair of Adidas joggers. After this, of course her influence was soon caught by many fashion influencers around the world, and brought out their inner KKW into their street style wardrobe.

We have seen this trend paired with the easiest lace crop-tops, or even a high-end designer top and accesories (like that Gucci Marmont bag! - heart eyes for days). It’s all about pairing a low-cost fast fashion pair of joggers with hints of the 90’s with your favorite accessory of the moment. Anything from a 2017 Prada Bag or your favorite off-the-shoulder top (cc. @franciscashowroom). 

So let’s take advantage of this trend, Janes! Stay in your comfort zone while killing the game.