Dressed Up Denim


Jeans – the beloved uniform of Americans that have become essentials in every man, woman and child’s closet. Whether you prefer skinny, boot-cut, frayed or mom jeans, chances are your go-to outfit revolves around your favorite pair of denim pants. Jeans have stood the test of time for several reasons, but durability, comfort and style are definitely on the list. 

The best thing about denim is its outfit cohesiveness. Everyone knows jeans and a tee make the best casual outfit combination, but there’s a more sophisticated side to denim we often overlook. A great pair of jeans can be styled to create a look perfect for going out and looking your best. Pairing your best pair of jeans with the right shoes and outerwear can go a long way and make a totally elevated outfit perfect for the Fall and Winter seasons.

I would argue that shoes that are the most important factor when dressing up your denim. Heels are undoubtedly the best way to take your outfit from casual to chic, but a great pair of booties will work as well. Depending on what you’re wearing, accessorize accordingly. If you choose a simple top, you can dress up the rest of your look with a statement necklace or earrings. Styling denim is all about finding a balance between simple and glamorous that can take your everyday pair of jeans and turn them into an outfit appropriate for a dressier occasion.

The next time you reach for your most-worn pair of jeans, try something new! You’d be surprised how easy and fun it is to style a simple wardrobe staple into what can feel like a completely new item. 

Valeria LealComment