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Don’t Let Texas Weather Get Your Fall Vibes Down

Every Texan knows, there’s nothing more unpredictable than our state’s weather. While everyone else is experiencing Winter, we’re just happy to have some semblance of Fall. Whether the day brings about a sunny, cloudless sky, intense humidity or * gasp, * a cold front, there’s no reason you can’t still incorporate some Fall vibes into your wardrobe.

Starting off with the most obvious item – a light sweater or jacket is your best friend. Pick something cozy, but light enough so that you won’t be sweating as you walk around, taking on your day (no one wants to see those sweat stains, Janes!). Neutral shades are best for layering, but if you feel like making your sweater the statement of your look, reach for a bold color or something textured.

Next up are booties – the go-to shoe of Fall. They go with pretty much everything, which makes them an easy incorporation of Fall festiveness into any outfit. Whether you prefer an ankle boot or a trendy sock boot, you’re outfit just got automatically chicer! As always, stick to neutrals for outfit cohesiveness, or go for something bold if you want to let your boots do the talking!

Last but definitely not least, denim skirts are a wardrobe staple for every Texas girls because they’re versatile and work year round. For Fall, ditch your breezy tanks and blouses and reach for a cute sweater you can tuck into your denim mini. Pair that with your favorite booties, grab a latté, and it’s already looking more like Fall, y’all! 


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