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Meet Madame Blue

Hi Janes! I’m Valeria Ramos - A.K.A Madame Blue. In 2016, I started a blog, to share original articles and interviews focused on fashion
and other fun topics. Since then, my site has grown to include several interns from
all around the world who contribute their amazing work! My blog’s name takes
inspiration from a nickname my parents gave to me as a child for exhibiting what
you could call “diva” behavior. Obviously, I’ve learned to embrace the name and it’s
qualities because after all, as Beyoncé says, “a diva is [just] a female version of a
As of today, I’m taking on Upgrade Jane’s blog to share the latest fashion and
lifestyle stories with you! If you’re familiar with Upgrade Jane, you’ll know they’re
all about my favorite things: fashion, female empowerment and creativity. I’m so
excited to be contributing to a site dedicated to making fashion fun and accessible.
For me, the great thing about fashion is not just its allowance of individual
expression, but its ability to empower. Putting on a great outfit is like putting on
armor - it can give you a boost of confidence to take on a hard day of work, difficult
lectures or a seemingly endless pile of assignments.
Going forward, you can keep your eyes peeled for new Madame Blue posts on
the Upgrade Jane blog ranging from fashion to lifestyle. Until next time!

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