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We all love a good sale. But we love even more when a trend comes back from the past, we get to find treasures in vintage shops and designer thrift shops. So we decided to look amongst one of our cities finest vintage shops. We did not have a specific look in mind. We called a model to meet me there at 4:00 p.m. just before the golden hour, which ended up being the perfect timing to do fittings and run over to meet Upgrade Jane's Photographer Oscar (@oesalgado).

Take a look at our favorite findings and a little bit of Ardene's own personal basics. Our top 3? Gold chains, Statement Pattern Coats and Oversized Rain Coats. Adding a litle of our personal look is a statement plaid skirt by Burberry. 

Photographed by Oscar Salgado (@oesalgado)

Styling by Upgrade Jane

Wardrobe by

It's Good to be Queen - Vintage Store

The Edit Showroom


Valeria Leal