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About Us


Welcome to Upgrade Jane! We take pride in providing a source for individuals to up their fashion game, and help businesses become the best versions of themselves by incorporating branding tools from social media management to creative direction and graphic design. 

This is a platform for those looking for a change that can improve their brand in fresh ways.  At Upgrade Jane, we believe in celebrating the beauty of the eclectic and letting it flourish. From borrowing the best features of every urban clique and street style craze or taking the hottest trends and making them approachable, this platform provides creative direction, fashion consulting, styling, community management and more!

Unique graphic designs coupled with media management and creative direction are just some of the many services we provide that will ensure growth and success for your business. In addition, we encourage every client to contribute their personal aesthetic and style choices to produce the best results.

For any business out there that feels like a plain Jane, we have the tools you need to step up your game and become the best version of yourself!




Upgrade Jane is a one-of-a-kind source to improve one's fashion game and allow brands & businesses to become the best versions of themselves. From creative direction, fashion consulting, media management, graphic designs and more - Upgrade Jane has the tools every brand needs to improve and grow. Contact us for more information!


Our Values

1. Self-Esteem and Confidence

2. Female Empowerment

3. Freedom of Expression

4. Amusement

5. Optimism

6. Open-Mindedness and Creativity

7. Team Effort and Collaboration

8. Drive - Constantly Looking to Upgrade

9. Social Responsibility

10. Authenticity



Founder and CEO - Valeria Leal 

COO - Alejandro Rios 

Graphic Designer - Greta Castrellon 

Artist and Illustrator - Alda Garza 

Social Media Manager - Valeria Ramos 

Photographer - Alejandro Quintanilla 

Photographer - Jana Cantua